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Chief Marketer - This Week - Weekly eNewsletter
Cut through clutter with Chief Marketer--This Week. A weekly wrap-up, curated from around the web, of the week's most relevant content about measurable marketing and why you need to be in the know.

Chief Marketer's Lead Gen Report - B2B edition - Bi-Weekly
Increase sales quantity and quality: Best of class B2B lead generation techniques including multi-channel acquisition and optimization techniques like lead scoring and nurturing

Chief Marketer's Lead Gen Report - B2C edition - Bi-Weekly
Increase sales quantity and quality: Case studies on how leading brands are increasing customer acquisition, improving marketing effectiveness and decreasing spend

Chief Business Marketer - Monthly eNewsletter
Improve your campaign ROI with actionable ideas from the leading B2B practitioners on how to improve your measurable marketing

Chief Marketer Tech Talk - Monthly eNewsletter
the latest trends and revolutions in marketing technology: from email and social media optimization to ecommerce and conferencing and beyond, learn where you should be making your tech investments for a better bottom line.


Chief Direct Marketer - Weekly eNewsletter
Classic direct marketing: Helps direct marketers respond to emerging opportunities in database marketing, list selections, RFM, and more

Chief Data Marketer - Weekly eNewsletter
Measure what matters: Improve campaign ROP and make the most of the information already at your fingertips. Includes coverage of big data and the latest on database modeling, data mining, demographics and segmentation

Chief Data Marketer LISTFLASH
Don't miss out: New lists & selects announcements


Chief PROMO Marketer - Bi-weekly eNewsletter
Covering the most innovative multichannel promotional campaign rollouts, including the metrics and results

Chief PROMO Marketer - ProAwards Call for Entries & Awards Program
Stand out! Get recognition and ideas for outstanding promotional marketing

Chief PROMO Marketer - PROMO 100 - Ranking of the Top 100 Promotions Agencies
Naming names - Who are the leading players and what you need to know about them if your are planning to hire


Special Reports
Improve the effectiveness of your measurable marketing with exclusive Research, Trends, Tips, Technology Roundups, and Special In-depth Reports

Quarterly Strategic Guides
In-depth coverage on big picture issues facing marketers today

News and updates on the definitive conference for vertical media and direct response marketing

Chief Marketer - Webinars
The latest trends and best practices affecting measurable marketing

eLearning Certificate Programs
Online education presented by real practitioners on the cutting edge of their fields. The perfect training strategy for time-poor marketing professionals who need to be on the cutting edge

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