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CSNews Electronic Newsletters
CSNews Daily
Daily newsletter covering the latest news, events and trends in the convenience store industry.
CSNews Foodservice Trends
A monthly digest of the most important news and trends in convenience store foodservice, prepared foods and fresh food innovation, covering consumer trends, merchandising best practices, new products supply chain efficiencies, and food safety and the latest research and insights by Convenience Store News.
CSNews Retail Technology
Twice a month, this newsletter highlights the most important retail technology news and trends impacting the convenience store channel, from the back office to the pumps and covers technology innovations, new products, PCI compliance, and standards, with the research and insights that only Convenience Store News can provide.

Progressive Grocer Electronic Newsletters
Progressive Grocer Breaking News
When major industry news breaks, this newsletter broadcasts the vital details first. Includes coverage of mergers & acquisitions, Chapter 11 filings, and more.
Progressive Grocer Daily News
Daily e-newsletter covering the latest news, industry and consumer trends in real time for the grocery industry from the editors of Progressive Grocer.
Progressive Grocer Independent Newsletter
Monthly newsletter covering the latest news and trends relevant to the independent grocer community. Content is closely related to PG's Independent Grocer Network online community.
Center Store Trend Alert
Covers product innovation and consumer demand trends in the major Center Store categories such as dry grocery, frozen foods, beverages, nonfoods, dairy, and more.
Fresh Foods Trend Alert
Covers product innovation and consumer demand trends in the major Fresh Food categories, including Meat, Produce/Floral, Deli, Bakery, Prepared Foods, and more.
Technology Trends Newsletter
Covers up-to-the-minute retail technology news and information, including subjects such as in-store and enterprise systems, online, mobile and social media trends.
Progressive Grocer Retail Dietician Newsletter
Monthly newsletter: Nutrition and health news, tips, research and trends for retail dietitians.
Store of the Month
The PGTV Newsletter features original, exclusive video-based programming featuring monthly "Store of the Month" store tours and interviews.

The Gourmet Retailer Electronic Newsletters
The Gourmet Retailer Dispatch
Weekly newsletter featuring gourmet retailer and manufacturer news, industry trend updates and new product introductions in the specialty food and kitchenware categories.
The Gourmet Retailer Cheese Newsletter
Information on cheese and other perishables, related trends and products. 12x a year.
The Gourmet Retailer Beverage Newsletter
Information on beverage trends and products. 12x a year.
The Gourmet Retailer Housewares Newsletter
Information on housewares trends and products. 12x a year.

Retail Leader Electronic Newsletters
Retail Leader Executive Perspectives
Once a week, Retail Leader Executive Perspectives delivers actionable insights and focuses on the challenges and opportunities faced by senior management in the food and non-food retailing and grocery manufacturing industries.

Store Brands Electronic Newsletters
Store Brands Industry Intel Newsletter
The authoritative twice-weekly newsletter for creating retail differentiation.
Store Brands Beverage Newsletter
A monthly digest of the most important news and trends in store brand beverages, covering consumer trends, best practices, new product concepts and launches and the latest in depth insights by Store Brands.
Store Brands Frozen & Refrigerated Newsletter
A monthly digest that covers the latest news, innovations and consumer trends in the Frozen and Refrigerated categories such as frozen foods, deli, dairy, meat/seafood, foodservice, and more
Store Brands New Product Concepts Newsletter
A newsletter showcasing the past month's five most-viewed new product concepts available for private labeling, as well as the current month's featured product concept and an intelligence report on a new category every month.

Event Updates
Multicultural Retail 360 News & Trends
A twice-monthly digest of the most important news and trends affecting retailers that want to increase their business with the growing Latino consumer market, with research and insights from Progressive Grocer and Convenience Store News, along with access to the web site of the Multicultural Retail 360 Summit, the nation's largest and most-informative multicultural retail marketing conference.

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Convenience Store News Sponsor Updates
Progressive Grocer Sponsor Updates
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